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Dec 30th HiTT Annual Awards Presentation Dinner
Dec 17th & 18th HiTT Academy Table Tennis Marathon – Istrina Solidarjeta bl-iSport
HiTT HomeTrends 2nd Ranking Tournament 2015/16 in aid of Istrina
Dec 6th HiTT Academy Tournament in aid of Istrina (Elite)
Dec 3rd HiTT Academy Tournament in aid of Istrina (2 Star, 1 Star & Mini Cadets) 
Dec 2nd, 5th & 9th MTTA 2nd Junior Ranking Tournaments 2016/17 
Nov 25th HiTT Academy Davis Cup Tournament in aid of Istrina 
Nov 20th Participation in Universal Children’s Day at Gzira Primary School
Nov 15th Table Tennis Exhibition at Stella Maris College Gzira
Oct 22nd HiTT Kyte Consultants 1st Ranking Tournament 2016/17
Sept 23rd, 26th & 30th MTTA 1st Junior Ranking Tournaments 2016/17

Sept 23rd to 25th

Malta Racketlon Open 2016

Sept 21st

MTTA Independence Cup 2016

Aug 21st to 28th 

Training Camp at Golden Ball, Gdansk, Poland

Jul 29th to Aug 7th Training Camp at Swerve, UK
Jul 8th to 7th Junior European Championships
Jul 7th to end Sept HiTT Academy Summer Camp
Jul 2nd HiTT MRGC 5th Ranking Tournament 2015/16
May 28th to 30th Malta Senior National Championships 2015/16
Apr 2nd to 8th Malta Junior National Championships  2015/16
Mar 22nd to 26th Pre-Nationals Easter Camp with Aleksey Yefremov
Mar 12th HiTT Sports Experience 4th Ranking Tournament 2015/16
 Jan 30th HiTT Kristal 3rd Ranking Tournament 2015/16
 Jan 29th & 1st, 5th Feb MTTA 3rd Junior Ranking Tournaments 2015/16
 Jan 22nd to 24th World Championships of Ping Pong, Alexandra Palace, London
 Jan 16th & 17th Welsh Euro Challenge 2016



Dec 27th

Dec 12th & 13th


Nov 27th, 30th & Dec  4th

Oct 24th

Sep 25th, 28th & Oct 2nd

22nd to 29th August

9th to 16th August

8th August

27th July

4th July to end of September

27th June

16th May

29th April to 3rd May

6th to 8th April

28th February

HiTT Annual Awards Presentation Dinner

HiTT Academy Table Tennis Marathon – Istrina Solidarjeta bl-iSport

HiTT HomeTrends 2nd Ranking Tournament 2015/16 in aid of Istrina

MTTA 2nd Junior Ranking Tournaments 2015/16

HiTT Kyte Consultants 1st Ranking Tournament 2015/16

MTTA 1st Junior Ranking Tournaments 2015/16

Training Camp in Poland

Training Camp in Sweden

HiTT Summer Tournament

HiTT Academy Competition Workshop

HiTT Academy Summer Camp

HiTT Kyte Consultants 5th Ranking Tournament

HiTT Kristal 4th Ranking Tournament

HiTT International Training Camp

HiTT Mini Cadet Camp

HiTT Home Trends 3rd Ranking Tournament


27th December 2014

20th & 21st December 2014

20th December 2014

15th November 2014

1st to 8th November 2014

30th August

1st to 10th August

11th July

28th June

10th May

8th March

HiTT Annual Dinner & Award Ceremony

HiTT for istrina 30 hour Marathon 2014

HiTT MRGC 2nd Ranking Tournament

HiTT Sports Experience 1st Ranking Tournament

Elite Training Camp in Poland

Summer HiTT Tournament

HiTT Training Camp in Sirogojno, Serbia

Key to Self Motivation & Confidence Boosting by Adele Muscat

HiTT Kyte Consultants 6th Ranking Tournament

HiTT Kristal 5th Ranking Tournament

HiTT HomeTrends 4th Ranking Tournament


28th Dec

14th Dec

9th Nov

1st Oct

15th Aug to 22nd Aug

15th Aug to 18th Aug

6th Aug

5th Aug to 10th Sept

31st Jul

17th Jul to 24th Jul

16th Jul to 7th Aug

10th Jul

29th Jun

15th May to 9th June

29th Apr

22nd Apr to 3rd May

20th Apr