National League 2014/15

National League 2014/15

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These are the HiTT Academy teams playing in the MTTA Malta National League 2014/15.


1st Division

HiTT Academy Tibhar - 1st Division 201415

HiTT Academy Tibhar

Gabriel Grixti, Mario Genovese, Balazs Tompa, James Camilleri





St James Hospital - 1st Division 201415

St James Hospital

Andrea Portelli, Isaac Grixti, Daniel Portelli and Marcus Portelli (not in photo)

st james hospital malta






2nd Division

HiTT Academy Fleur de Lys - 2nd Division 201415

HiTT Academy Fleur-de-Lys

Therese Genovese, Charles Sammut, Milena Stevanovic and Katia Mifsud (not in photo)






HiTT Academy Valletta

Noel Schembri, Frans Scerri, Joe Abela








3rd Division

HiTT Academy Vikings - 3rd Division National League 2014/15


HiTT Academy Vikings

Sean Debono, Andrew Catania, Justin Demanuele & Isaac Cilia Attard.





HiTT Academy Savio College - 3rd Division 201415


HiTT Academy Savio College

Stephen Spiteri, Nathan Zerafa, Liam Wells and Luca Vella (not in picture)





HiTT Academy St Catherines - 3rd Division 201415


HiTT Academy St Catherine

Brandon Agius, Kyle Camilleri, Daniel Vella Clark and Miguel Zerafa (not in picture)






4th Division

HiTT Academy Legends - National League 2014/15


HiTT Academy Legends

Ivan Galea, Elizabeth Galea, Raul Heras, Emanuel Vella & Anthony Bonavia.




HiTT Academy Stars - National League 2014/15


HiTT Academy Stars

Justin Mizzi, Nigel Galea, Marcus Mamo and Kayleigh Farrugia (not in picture)