HiTT Academy organises fundraising for charity

December for us at HiTT Academy Malta means chaos. But in a good way. We have lots of activities going on:: club competitions, national league matches and national ranking tournaments to prepare for, our yearly annual dinner and of course,

Dingli HiTT4Istrina

HiTT4Istrina 2017

  As part of the annual fundraising for Istrina, HiTT Academy have organised a morning of table tennis fun in collaboration with Dingli Primary School and Savio College in DIngli. A total of 75 children from 3 classes at


HiTT4Istrina 2017

Marathon 2017 HiTT4Istrina

HiTT4Istrina 2017

HiTTAcademy together with St Albert the Great College, are once again organising a 30 hour marathon in aid of l-Istrina Solidarjeta bl-iSport campaign.




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HiTT Academy Annual Awards 2015

HiTT Academy Annual Awards 2017

Each year the HiTT Academy Coaching Team shows recognition to all players who have excelled in one way or another during the year. Efforts are recognised in various aspects that together make a good athlete…, performance, competition, behaviour,

HiTT Players Challenge Nov 2017

14th November 2017

HiTT Players’ Team Challenge 2017

The HiTT Players’ Team Challenge was held on 14/11/17 as a fundraising event in aid of Istrina 2017. This is the 4th consecutive year that HiTT Academy is active in collecting funds for

sweden division 2 national league

  HiTT Academy player Therese Genovese is currently living in Vaxjo, Sweden and participating in various competitions there. Apart from representing club BTK Frej in the regional women’s league, she is also playing the national league 2nd Division women’s team for

Mid term camp 2017

mid term camp Nov 2017 with Aurelia Kybartaite HiTT Academy Malta hosted a mini training camp this November, inviting Lithuanian table tennis coach Aurelija Kybartaitė over as head coach. The

Level 2 ITTF Certification

ITTF Level 2 Coaching Certification

HiTT Academy coaches are top of the class!

Rachel Mifsud - HiTT Academy

Mario Genovese


Mario Genovese and Katia Mifsud have passed Level 2 ITTF certification with

national league

The 2017/18 MTTA National League of table tennis is underway and HiTT Academy Malta are already doing a great job. This year we have a total of ten teams (that’s 47 players!) competing for the first place in their respective division.

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Savio College HiTT Academy exhibition

17th Oct 2017

HiTT Academy visit Savio College in Dingli.

As part of HiTT Academy’s efforts for promotion of the sport of table tennis, a team comprising of HiTT Coaches Mario Genovese & Katia Mifsud have visited the students in Form 1 and 2 at


HiTT Academy is off to a great start this season. Our players played incredibly good throughout the 1st ranking table tennis tournament of 2017, taking home important results, wins and titles in all categories that have been played so far. Next Monday’s Under 18 semis

camp promo Ioannina HiTT 2017

Ioannina Training Camp 2017

6th to 11th September 2017

The camp was a result of a seed that was planted in Nov 2015 when HiTT Academy coach Katia Mifsud visited the F.R.T.T. Ioannina table tennis club and that has now grown into the start of

4th Div - HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars

One of our youngest teams, HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars, stole the show in the fourth division last season, playing really well and taking home important points. Their energy and determination awarded them promotion to the third division for the upcoming 2017/18 season.

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3rd Div - HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants

Last season was a very positive one for HiTT Academy, with teams promoted in every division. HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants where playing the Third Division and gave an incredible performance managing to win 16 out of 18 matches. They brought home a total of 50

Swerve camp 2017

21st-25th August 2017, Swerve TTC

The second HiTT Academy contingent to attend an international training camp this summer…… this time they are off to Swerve TTC in Middlesbrough  for some serious table tennis training. This is the second year that HiTT Academy Head

HiTT Academy Hometrends

Hard work pays off. After a very successful 2016/17 season, our HiTT Academy HomeTrends team got promoted to the 1st division of the Malta national league of table tennis. They managed to stay at the top of their division for the whole season, winning an

Therese Genovese - BTK Frej

HiTT Academy player Therese Genovese has just been registered to train with Swedish Table Tennis Club BTK Frej and shall be representing the club for individual tournaments around Sweden while also training under the guidance of BTK Frej’s Coach Simon Nilsson and also Marina Olsson! [gallery

James Camilleri HiTT Academy Malta

More successes away from our shores!

19th August 2017

James Camilleri wins the Men’s Singles plate event in the BTK Frej Tournament in Central Sweden.

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TT4You HiTT Academy Training Camp 2017

The first selection of HiTT players have just returned from the International camp at TT4You in Dordrecth, Holland (6 to 11 Aug 2017). TT4You HiTT Academy Training Camp 2017 HiTT Academy players: 

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Mario Genovese at Swerve Training Camp 2016

Mario Genovese will this summer be engaging and expanding his experience as he travels to 5 countries to coach and head renowned camps in different parts of the world.   His first