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camp promo Ioannina HiTT 2017

HiTT Academy lead the 1st International Camp in Ioannina, Greece

Ioannina Training Camp 2017 6th to 11th September 2017 The camp was a result of a seed that was planted in Nov 2015 when HiTT Academy coach Katia Mifsud visited ...
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4th Div - HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars

HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars promoted to Third Division

One of our youngest teams, HiTT Academy Aurus Superstars, stole the show in the fourth division last season, playing really well and taking home important points. Their energy and determination ...
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3rd Div - HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants

HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants get promoted to Second Division

Last season was a very positive one for HiTT Academy, with teams promoted in every division. HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants where playing the Third Division and gave an incredible performance ...
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Swerve camp 2017

HiTTing it at Swerve TTC Training Camp 2017

21st-25th August 2017, Swerve TTC The second HiTT Academy contingent to attend an international training camp this summer...... this time they are off to Swerve TTC in Middlesbrough  for some ...
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HiTT Academy Hometrends

HiTT Academy HomeTrends Promoted to First Division

Hard work pays off. After a very successful 2016/17 season, our HiTT Academy HomeTrends team got promoted to the 1st division of the Malta national league of table tennis. They ...
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